Nickel Electroplating on 3D printed objects made of Ti alloys (Pla3DTi)

Plating of various metals onto titanium is a challenging process, however it can significantly enhance some properties of the substrate, allowing its use in an even wider variety of applications. Depending on the top coating used, plating process may lead to increase of the corrosion resistance, and the resistance to surface fatigue. Additionally, properties may be provided such as anti-galling, fretting, self-lubrication, solderability, heat reflection and adjustment of the conductivity.

Although potential application of coatings in titanium made objects is beneficial, at the same time is a very challenging process due to the fact that titanium is a very active metal.

The Pla3DTi will works towards surpassing these barriers by developing a plating process for applying nickel coatings in 3D printed Ti alloy based objects. The general objectives of the project are:

To develop a suitable pretreatment process for the application of coatings in the surface of 3D printed objects.

To investigate the structure and morphology of the 3D printed objects and how this affects the adhesion of the coatings.

To apply various Ni-based coatings on the 3D printed objects.

• OITB provided services:

BB1/ MWAM (AIMEN) BB3/ Testing, (PoliMi), Innovation Management (AXIA).