Modelling & Simulation Services

In the LightMe ecosystem, due to the presence of nanoparticles leading to lightweight MMnC for industrial applications, a combination of modelling tools with high degree of integration and interoperability will be essential for predicting and linking physical quantities on different length scales to the property of the final product. The LightMe clients will have access to a wide variety of modelling and simulation tools that will allow a faster optimization process in the upscale (e.g. utilization of ProCAST and STAR-Cast and or MAGMASOFT, MICRESS) or for prediction of properties via modelling of the nanostructure. Synergies between modelling and testing building blocks will provide the valuable input to the upscaling and monitoring group for the improvement of yields and efficiency of the production processes.

For the LightMe ecosystem, 3 modelling and simulation work cases are proposed and schematically represented as follows:

Casting Processes

AM Processes

SPS Processes