Nutating Gearbox with Improved Performances for High Added- Value Applications (GearUP)

The NUGEAR (NUtating GEARbox) is an innovative gearbox. The technology behind the innovative parts was conceived for space applications but is applicable also within industrial automation and robotics fields. In the last years, the client has produced a large set of batches of gears for this gearbox through its facility, acquiring a specific knowledge about the component design and properties, as well as product limitations and challenges. When it comes to NUGEAR traditional manufacturing, there are some bottlenecks.

Thus, the company is strongly motivated to develop the GearUP project and to work on Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies to redesign and produce some of the mechanical components. The client explored the production of parts with different materials, such as titanium and aluminum alloy.

The main goal of the usage of such advanced material was the increase of NUGEAR fatigue strength to improve reliability and durability of the workpiece. Within LightMe ecosystem, our client reaps several significant benefits from utilizing AM processes, including:

Reduction of part costs, through a more cost-effective process, manufacturing steps reduction and the avoidance of specific tooling;

Increase of NUGEAR performances, through reduction of parts weight (addition of voids in the volume of the gears);

Reduction of manufacturing time.

• OITB provided services:

BB1/ Borealis (IRIS), BB2/ Monitoring, (STAM), Innovation Management (AXIA).