LightMe Open Call

In the framework of the LightMe EC project ( ) we are organizing an Open Call for provision of services to SMEs, Large Enterprises, or other stakeholders in order to support them in the upscaling and technology maturity of novel concepts in the field of lightweight alloys (aluminum, magnesium and titanium) and their composites.

What is the LightMe OITB?

The LightMe OITB (Ecosystem) is an EU funding project targeting in the setting up of an Open Innovation Test Bed providing services for the upscaling of materials and products concept, related to lightweight alloys and their composites, that are already validated in the labs.
The services concerns:

  • Access to six pilot lines for conduction of experiments, testing novel materials, new designs and services:
  • High Pressure Die Casting
    Low Pressure Die Casting
    Green Sand Casting
    Metal Wire Additive Manufacturing
    Powder Deposition Additive Manufacturing
    Powder Metallurgy – Spark Plasma Sintering
  • Monitoring and process control services
  • Testing & environmental assessment
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Market uptake (safety, standardization & regulatory compliance)
  • Innovation management (business planning, training, access to funding)
  • LightMe Ecosystem will provide its services at fair prices assisting companies to bring to the market their products in a safe and neutral Open Innovation Environment, promoting synergies and new market opportunities.

    What is the Open Call and who may apply?

    The LightMe project is launching an Open Call in order to receive proposals from applicants and after an evaluation process, host free of charge, 8 new test cases. The applications should concern propositions for upscaling novel concepts in the field of lightweight metals and composites, utilizing one or more of the pilot lines. The proposals should briefly describe the current technical status of the concept and what is required for the upscaling process, covering also the other services provided by the Ecosystem. Additionally, the innovation and market perspective of the concept should be described.

    The call is open to legal entities registered in EC or EC affiliated countries having the status of private for-profit entity (Small & Medium Enterprises or Large Enterprises). Additional small consortia of private for-profit entities including Research Organizations (Public or Private) are eligible for applications.

    What are the stages of the Open call?

  • 7th January 2021: Announcement of the Open Call.
  • 31st March 2021: First cut off
  • 30th April 2021: Evaluation and Selection of 4 new test cases
  • 1st June 2021: Inclusion of 4 new test cased in the Ecosystem
  • 31st August 2021: Second cut off
  • 31st December 2021: Evaluation and Selection of 4 additional new test cases
  • 1st February 2022: Inclusion of 4 additional new test cases in the Ecosystem
  • How to Apply:

    More details for the open call can be found here: