• October, 27th 2020
  • EWF

1st Internal Training Activity – Collaboration Management

One of the LightMe goals is to promote the new knowledge generated during the project execution as well as to create new links with the interested audiences towards the LightMe market. To achieve these objectives a training approach is being carried out. Training activities included inter and intra levels covering both, techno managerial and stakeholder training.

The Collaboration Management training activity was the first event conducted. Was organized by EWF and ISQ and was an online event held on Microsoft TEAMS on 10th July 2020. The participants were partners of the consortium and 35 people were present. After the welcoming of all participants a presentation from ISQ was made about ISO TS 16555-5 that is a technical specification where describes the different types of Collaboration inside and outside of an organization or consortium.

The activity covered the ISO TS 16555-5 and the participants were split in 4 different groups according to 4 different topics regarding Collaboration:

  • • Internal Collaboration
  • • External Collaboration
  • • Collaboration between large and small organizations
  • • Encouraging collaboration
This training activity was supposed to be a physical event but due to COVID-19 it was held Online. It was a big challenge to have the same type of interaction as in the practical sessions but all the participants encourage the discussions!

More activities will be carried out in the future!